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Systems and equipment for drainage of mine workings and water supply of industrial production

The company "Effective Technologies" carries out integrated design of pumping stations based on the customer's specifications, taking into account the features of the operated hydraulic structures, climatic conditions, required operating modes and safety requirements.

In accordance with the customer's requirements, the station is selected and equipped with pumping equipment complete with electric motors, control cabinets, elements of the power supply system, fire extinguishing, air conditioning and temperature control, shut-off valves, a pipeline system lined with wear-resistant materials (a floating version of the pipeline is possible), an automated control system with the possibility of remote access, additional equipment.

The stations can be made in a floating version on pontoons, in a coastal version, on supports or runners, on a transport platform.

The company "Effective Technologies" has a successful experience in the implementation of projects for the design, manufacture and commissioning of floating pumping stations, dredgers for various purposes, onshore automated pumping stations, open pit drainage stations, stations of the first (second) water lifting, pumping stations for sludge and waste from processing plants and factories

Floating pumping stations

Floating pumping stations (PNS) - are designed to take water from reservoirs with a variable water level (rivers, lakes, reservoirs). The station is installed directly on the water. They are most applicable on reservoirs of natural or artificial origin with a large steepness and difference in the heights of the banks or with significant fluctuations in the water level. The station is located on the surface of the water and the water supply takes place regardless of changes in the water level in the quarry. Open pit drainage pumping stations are the main technological equipment of the open pit drainage system during mining operations.

Standard equipment of the floating pumping station:

  • Pontoon (catamaran type, transportable, with a coating resistant to aggressive agents);

  • Block-box (in various climatic versions);

  • Pumping equipment (high-pressure pumps, drainage, borehole, emergency submersible, vertical, multistage, horizontal centrifugal, diesel driven pumps);

  • Pipeline with stop valves (including a floating pipeline, a pipeline on unsinkable pontoons, flexible, protected from abrasive and aggressive media); Automatic control system;

  • Air conditioning and heating, ventilation, power supply, fire extinguishing system;

  • Anti-icing system;

  • Anchor, mooring device, boat, if necessary, bridge or flooring on unsinkable pontoons, railings Repair platform with a lifting device;

  • Lighting and alarm system.

Плавучая насосная станция
Плавучая насосная станция

Block-modular pumping stations

Блочно-модульная насосная станция
Блочно-модульная насосная станция

The block-modular pumping station is a complete factory readiness product and includes assembled and connected pumping equipment, all the necessary steel or plastic containers, a process pipeline, elements of automatic control and management of technological equipment.


Depending on the purpose of the station, one or several pumps can be installed in it, including the main and standby pumps, feed pumps, etc. Most often, electrified valves are used as shut-off valves, which allow automating the operation of a modular pumping station.


The station is located in a specially designed and manufactured structure (block-box), which has the required degree of fire resistance and provides the possibility of operating the station under the wind, snow, seismic and temperature loads specified by the project.


Modular pumping stations manufactured by the plant provide a wide range of productivity and pressure when pumping liquid and can be powered from an industrial power supply network with a voltage of 380 V or 6 kV. Allowed to operate at ambient temperatures from + 50 to - 60C.


The stations are equipped with automatic monitoring and control systems that ensure their long-term autonomous trouble-free operation and allow the free integration of modular pumping stations into the automated control system of the entire enterprise, mine or field.

Quarry drainage stations

A pit drainage pumping station is designed for pumping groundwater with solid inclusions in the fields of mining and processing of minerals.

The pit drainage station is an indispensable element of watered pits when maintaining  mining works.


A pit drainage pumping station is designed and manufactured in accordance with SNiP 2.06.14-85. Protection of mine workings from underground and surface waters.    

The equipment of the station is located in a block-module, which ensures the operability of the station in cold and transitional periods of the year and includes mounted and connected pumping equipment, process pipelines with installed stop valves and an automatic control system for the technological process, auxiliary lighting and fire extinguishing systems.

To ensure normal operation of the main equipment of pumping stations, the installation of control and measuring equipment is provided. The composition of devices, their types, installation locations are determined depending on the main equipment of the station, the nature of its work and  control systems (automatic, dispatching, local).

The equipment installed in pumping stations controls the pressure in the pressure pipelines, the water flow in the pressure pipelines, the temperature of the bearings of the units, the water level in the catchment.

Станция карьерного водоотлива
Станция карьерного водоотлива

Eff.Beaver dredgers


The company "Effective Technologies" manufactures dredgers with a slurry capacity from 400 to 4000 m³ / h with a diesel or electric drive of a dredge pump, as standard or taking into account the specific requirements of the field.


Dredgers are the most efficient way to develop flooded deposits.

Eff.Beaver dredgers are a product of the engineering development of the Effective Technologies Company, which incorporates the latest advances in the development of deposits and man-made deposits by means of hydromechanization.

Eff.Beaver dredgers can vary:

  • by the method of suction (ejector, airlift, combined);

  • by the method of soil sampling (with free suction without loosening, with accompanying loosening);

  • by control method (manual, automatic);

  • by the method of power supply (electric, diesel);

  • by the way of working movements (anchor, pile-anchor, anchorless);

  • at the location of the dredge pump (deck, bilge, with submersible dredgers).

Automated pumping units

EffTech implements the automated control system for pumping stations, both at newly designed pumping stations, and at those operating, taking into account the existing equipment. When introducing an automated control system for existing facilities, provided that the main technological equipment is retained, the company is ready to carry out preparatory work to study the facility, collect the necessary data for design, as well as develop recommendations to improve the efficiency of the facility under study.

The main functions implemented by the ACS:

  • real-time control;

  • system start-up, valve and gate valve control;

  • system shutdown, control of flushing and drainage modes;

  • maintaining the set values of the controlled parameters of the technological process;

  • remote and manual control of technological equipment;

  • prevention of emergency situations, reporting of technological process disturbances;

  • processing and storage of indicators of the parameters of the system;

  • visualization of technological process parameters;

  • visualization of the state of the system equipment;

  • issuing information about the operating time of pumping units.

The NS ACS system has an open modular architecture that allows it to be configured, to provide information exchange between its components over industrial networks, and to be compatible with other enterprise ACS systems in accordance with communication standards by means of accepted standard network solutions.

Насосная установка
Насосная установка

Pump-hydrocyclone units

The units are designed for hydrocyclone separation of ore suspensions at GOKs and for obtaining the required concentration of particles of a certain size by the centrifugal separation method  them in hydrocyclones (HZ).


Automated pump-hydrocyclone units (ANGTsU) consist of a hydrocyclone or a battery of hydrocyclones , a pump unit, pipelines, shut-off and control valves, and a control system.


ANGTsU are designed to work in circuits with the main processing equipment of the processing plant. The units are designed and manufactured in such a way that they automatically and effectively work with a change in the pulp volume in the sump, maintain the pulp level in the sump, the pressure at the inlet to the hydrocyclones, maintain the pulp density, and flush the pipelines in a given range.  

An automated control system (ACS) is a local control system capable of operating both autonomously and as part of a factory's automated process control system. The system is based on Siemens SIMATIC hardware. ACS provides level stabilization in the sump, pressure at the GC inlet, pulp density.

Насос-гидроциклонные установки
Автоматизированная насосная установка
Плавучие насосные станции
Землесосные снаряды
Блочно-модульные НС
Станции карьерного водоотлива
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