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Automation of technological processes

The solution of the specialists of the company "Effective Technologies" is prepared either as a "turnkey" project, or in cooperation with the customer. Process knowledge from the operating personnel should never be underestimated, and based on our experience, the customer's active involvement in the development of solutions leads to better results.

First of all, all the initial data necessary for developing a solution are studied. Each case is different due to factors related to chemistry, mineralogy and sampling technology. Even the best possible control algorithms will not work well without proper equipment and P & ID control loops. That is why we must determine the need for tuning control loops, limitations of technological equipment, control methodology and process features.

EffTech specialists and production engineers jointly create a control algorithm. EffTech specialists have rich experience and can offer alternative solutions for process optimization. The customer's technologists and engineers have a strong working knowledge of the process and automation system and make a valuable contribution to adapting the solution to the specific characteristics and requirements of the production. The optimal solution capable of best meeting the customer's requirements is created with his participation.

During the implementation stage, the control system is created, tested and adjusted in production. The graphical interface is created with an eye on the already existing visualization system. At this stage, the participation of the customer's engineers is also recommended. The transfer of process knowledge is vital for the successful maintenance and future development of the system. New ideas for advanced systems often emerge over time, in the course of work. EffTech experience and technical support will always be available to the Customer.

During the implementation of many projects, we have developed a typical project implementation procedure.

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