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Hydrocyclone batteries

Rubberized elements of pipeline systems

In order to significantly increase the service life of metal piping systems, metal elements lined with wear-resistant rubber (rubber coating) are used in them. Rubber-lined pipelines can work in harsh conditions, have a solid structure, high wear resistance.


EffTech specialists have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of rubberized elements of hydraulic transport systems for various applications and any, including complex structures.

Nomenclature of produced pipeline elements: straight pipe sections, bends, branch pipes, conical transitions, tees, suction or discharge units of slurry pumps, rubber lined tanks, junction boxes, sand baths of hydrocyclone units, slurry dividers, samplers, troughs and other products.

Wear-resistant rubber EffTech is characterized by increased strength and elasticity combined with excellent resistance to tears, cuts and abrasion.

Bunkers. Pulp dividers. Containers

Production and technical base, allowing to manufacture large-sized non-standard equipment such as:


  • Receiving hoppers of crushing stations with screens, lined with Hardox wear-resistant steel or rubber;

  • Loading and unloading boxes of the screen;

  • Pulp dividers equipped with automatic valves, gate valves, pressure sensors, flow rates, automation and control devices, rubberized with wear-resistant rubber or  wear-resistant material based on ultra-high molecular weight UHMWPE polyethylene ;

  • Tanks with an inner coating, resistant to aggressive media, with mechanical stirring.

Working surfaces are gummed with wear-resistant rubber based on natural rubber or wear-resistant material based on ultra-high molecular weight UHMWPE polyethylene.

Before shipment to the customer, the control assembly of the equipment is carried out.

Eff.ROLLER conveyor rollers

EffTech manufactures composite conveyor rollers from  UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene).

❗️eff.Roller ™ is a registered trademark of EffTech.

➡️ eff.Roller ™ favorably replaces conventional steel rollers;

➡️ eff.Roller have a long service life (on average up to 10 times longer than conventional steel);

➡️ eff.Roller have reliable combined protection of the bearing against moisture and dust and are resistant to abrasive wear;

➡️ eff.Roller withstand high loads and aggressive effects of corrosive environments;

➡️ The transported material does not stick to the eff.Roller surface;

➡️ eff.Roller is 2 times lighter than steel.

Конвейерный ролик
Конвейерный ролик
Конвейерный ролик

Eff.Pipe pipelines

EffTech launched eff.Pipe slurry pipe extrusion line.

The base material is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a molecular weight of 8.7 million grams / mol.

❗️ Unique material properties:

➡️ low coefficient of friction;

➡️ high resistance to abrasive wear;


➡️ 8 times lighter than metal pipelines;

➡️ low cost of ownership;

➡️ chemical resistance;


➡️ has a low sorption capacity;

➡️ resistance to low temperatures.

Трубопровод СВМПЭ
Шламовый трубопровод

EffTech performs  engineering  and mathematical calculation of the hydrocyclone battery  based on the technical specifications of the customer, taking into account the peculiarities of operation.


The standard equipment of the hydrocyclone battery consists of the following items:

  • Power distributor (distributor) - steel distribution manifold gummed with wear-resistant rubber based on natural rubber; 

  • Supporting welded prefabricated / dismountable metal frame, serving as the frame of the cluster. 

  • Drain and sand baths - metal welded construction. Internal surfaces are rubberized with wear-resistant rubber based on natural rubber;

  • Hydrocyclones. The hydrocyclones are rubber lined. The sand and drain nozzles are made of a quick-detachable design made of wear-resistant polyurethane.

  • Shut-off and control valves;

  • Instrumentation.


Automated pump-hydrocyclone units (ANGTsU) consist of a hydrocyclone or a battery of hydrocyclones, a pump unit, pipelines, shut-off and control valves, and a control system.

Бункеры. Пульподелители. Ёмкости
Батареи гидроциклонов
Гуммированные элементы трубопроводных систем
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