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This is not a luxury.
Quality work requires professionalism.

Attention to detail is critical to the success of projects.

The company "Effective Technologies" has experience in the implementation of engineering projects - projects  when implementing  which the formation of the final technical  solutions are made in the process of designing new and modernizing existing technological systems, including all stages of basic design, data collection, analysis and expertise.


In the process of generating the initial data, the study and analysis of the customer's needs, the setting of the problem, the examination of the current infrastructure, system, and technology of the customer, the development of preliminary solutions, taking into account the budgetary and time constraints put forward by the customer, are carried out.

At the stage of the pre-project survey, the economic justification of the project is developed, the feasibility is assessed, and the best ways of implementation are determined. As a result, together with the customer, a technical assignment for the design is developed, the terms and budget of the project are determined.


The division of engineering design into two stages (conceptual and operational) allows avoiding many mistakes at the design stage and significantly saving the customer's resources. Working with a qualified contractor is mandatory during the pre-project survey, since at this stage the foundations for all further work are laid.


The company "Effective Technologies" performs integrated design based on the customer's specifications, taking into account the specifics of the production cycle, climatic conditions, required operating modes and safety requirements. As a result, the customer receives a solution in which the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the process are clearly formulated.

  At the design stage of engineering systems, the following tasks are performed:

  • detailed study of the approved version of the technical task;

  • selection of equipment and technological solutions used in the project;

  • creation of a working project containing a description of equipment and technological solutions;

  • development of estimate and working documentation;

  • fulfillment of the requirements for justification of investments by the company's management;

  • achieving the required result at the stage of implementing the solution;

  • compliance with the requirements of state supervisory organizations.

ЭффТех_Насосная станция


EffTech specialists actively use building information modeling (BIM).


BIM technologies are based on a virtual three-dimensional model with real physical properties, as well as additional dimensions (time, cost, planning). BIM technology allows you to avoid the appearance of most internal inconsistencies (collisions) that arise when combining in a single project its component parts or adjacent sections developed by different groups of specialists.


The BIM model can be developed with a level of detail that allows you to determine the parameters of the construction processes even before the start of construction work on the site. Data management of the information model shortens the project implementation time, allows you to make changes to the project as quickly as possible, and prolongs the operation of the erected object, its service life.

In the company "Effective Technologies" the investment and construction process is carried out using BIM technology.


Following the Company's strategy, the main vector of development is to provide the Customer with EPC (engineering procurement construction) services:


E - basic engineering with the development of technology, sketch layout solutions;

P - selection of effective key technological equipment, actuators and automation equipment;

C - design of non-standard equipment, support and building structures, networks, automation and electrification.


The chosen philosophy and systematic approach allows us to fully take into account both the technical and economic needs of our Customers. Taking full responsibility for all stages of the project: pre-project inspection, engineering, supply of industrial equipment, technical support, service - we guarantee the rational use of available resources, economy, efficiency and reliability of modernized technological systems.

Модуль гравитационного обогащения_ЭффТех


Effective Technologies has vast experience in the development and implementation of gravity separation and magnetic separation technologies. In search of the most effective solutions, a group of process engineers conduct semi-industrial testing of ores at the customer's site.


The semi-industrial tests are based on the determination of the maximum possible qualitative and quantitative indicators of the technological product enrichment, as well as obtaining data for the feasibility study.  


Research directions:

  • screw separation, concentration on the table;

  • centrifugal enrichment on Falcon concentrators with periodic concentrate discharge;

  • heavy medium concentration at a special plant;


Research allows to increase the recovery of metals into concentrate, improve the quality of the concentrate, reduce metal losses, and also increase the productivity of the concentrator as a whole.


The company "Effective Technologies" offers the development of automation of engineering systems, which increases the reliability, efficiency and quality of enterprise management.  


Given the existing variety of technological processes for the extraction and processing of minerals, it can be argued that the most important component in the implementation of tasks to reduce operating costs and release hidden production resources  - is the introduction of advanced technologies for automation of processes with the ability to simulate those under various operating conditions.


Building a virtual model of a technological process is a less costly and most functional resource that predicts the initial result and allows making technological decisions.


The company "Effective Technologies" has experience in the development of an automated process control system (APCS).

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