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Технологические решения для горнодобывающей, металлургической, энергетической и химической промышленности

Проектируем, изготавливаем, монтируем, гарантируем. Сокращаем издержки и увеличиваем производительность предприятий за счет оптимизации технологических процессов.


Effective Technologies (EffTech) was founded in 2016 by a team of mining engineers with experience in the field of mining and processing of minerals.


Understanding the market conditions, the team was faced with the task of offering the mining industry enterprises modern, efficient technological solutions based on the principle of reasonable sufficiency.  


In the same 2016, a contract was signed with one mining company to modernize the existing production line. The project was successfully implemented ahead of schedule and performance of technological indicators. For the development of design documentation and reconstruction of the facility, a design department was created, which now employs more than 15 employees.


As the company developed in 2017, the need arose for its own production , which would manufacture non-standard equipment and perform preliminary assembly. In 2021, the staff of the plant is more than 40 people, the production works in a double-shift mode. The enterprise is equipped with a full range of modern industrial equipment and is represented by several production sites.


An extrusion line for the production of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) slurry pipelines was launched in 2020.


In 2021, a high-tech line for the production of wear-resistant conveyor rollers made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was launched.


Today the company "Effective Technologies" is a modern dynamically developing company that is in constant striving for excellence.

Market conditions

Commitment to development

Focus on results

Mission and values

Increasing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises, by optimizing the technological processes of their automation, and the use of reliable and efficient equipment.

Development and manufacture of modern equipment using innovative materials.

To increase the efficiency of enterprises in the field of mineral processing by optimizing technological processes, manufacturing reliable equipment  and automation.

In our constant striving to develop new directions for optimizing and modernizing processes at mining enterprises, we remain faithful to the principle of reasonable sufficiency of projects being implemented.

The values of the company are professionalism, efficiency, responsibility.  

Professionalism  - we are focused on the development of professional competencies and personal growth of employees, they provide the intelligence of the company, define our reputation and, thanks to this, receive the highest quality products and services.

Efficiency -  we offer our Customers effective technologies, we use efficient equipment in production, we use effective methods of personnel management.  


Responsibility - we are responsible to our Customers and Partners. We are responsible for the safety of our employees. We are responsible for the environment.



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A responsibility


The company "Effective Technologies" has a production base equipped with modern equipment, high scientific and design potential, as well as many years of practical experience in the implementation of objects of varying complexity.

The production and technical base is located in the city of Istra (Moscow region). The production works in two-shift mode.  The company owns production areas of 16,000 sq. m., allow the manufacture of large-sized equipment such as floating pumping stations, slurry separators, hydrocyclone batteries, containers for various purposes, piping details.


Before shipment to the customer, the control assembly of the equipment is carried out. The working surfaces are gummed with wear-resistant rubber based on natural rubber Linatex or wear-resistant material eff.Plast based on ultra high molecular weight UHMWPE polyethylene.


The enterprise is equipped with a full range of modern industrial equipment and is represented by several production sites:

  • Workshop for welding large-size metal structures, plasma cutting and metal bending;

  • Shot blasting chamber for surface treatment;

  • Spray booth,

  • Workshop of industrial rubber goods and surface lining;

  • Workshop of the extrusion plant for the production of eff.Pipe slurry pipelines from UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene);

  • Shop for the production of conveyor rollers eff.ROLLER.





Certificates and Licenses



Manufacturer of high quality
electrical equipment, in particular industrial frequency
adjustable drives, electric motors, components for automated process control systems. (Germany)

Manufacturer of pumps for various applications. Slurry pump manufacturer GIW. (Germany)

Pumping equipment manufacturer. (Russia)


+7 495 532 20 02
Our office is located at:
121596, Moscow, st. Gorbunova, 2, building 3, 9th floor, offices A901, A905
Production office address:
143500, Istra,
st. Moscow, 48, floor 5, office 506.
Manufacturer's address:
143500, Istra, pos. Krasnaya Gorka, st. Factory 3A. 
Сертификаты и лицензии
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