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Eff.ROLLER conveyor rollers

Конвейерный ролик

EffTech manufactures composite conveyor rollers from  UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene).

❗️eff.Roller ™ is a registered trademark of EffTech.

➡️ eff.Roller ™ favorably replaces conventional steel rollers;

➡️ eff.Roller have a long service life (on average up to 10 times longer than conventional steel);

➡️ eff.Roller have reliable combined protection of the bearing against moisture and dust and are resistant to abrasive wear;

➡️ eff.Roller withstand high loads and aggressive effects of corrosive environments;

➡️ The transported material does not stick to the eff.Roller surface;

➡️ eff.Roller is 2 times lighter than steel.

Eff.Pipe pipelines

EffTech launched eff.Pipe slurry pipe extrusion line.

The base material is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a molecular weight of 8.7 million grams / mol.

❗️ Unique material properties:

➡️ low coefficient of friction;

➡️ high resistance to abrasive wear;


➡️ 8 times lighter than metal pipelines;

➡️ low cost of ownership;

➡️ chemical resistance;


➡️ has a low sorption capacity;

➡️ resistance to low temperatures.

Шламовый трубопровод

Non-standard equipment


EffTech offers its partners services for the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment, designed according to the customer's specifications, taking into account the specifics of its production, materials, automation requirements, degree of protection and the use of lining coatings.

➡️ Hydrocyclone batteries with lined baths, 

rubber-lined hydrocyclones, gate valves with an automatic electric or pneumatic drive, an automation and control system. more details


➡️ Pulp dividers equipped with automatic valves, gate valves, pressure sensors, flow rates, automation and control devices, rubberized with wear-resistant rubber based on natural rubber;

➡️ Floating and onshore pumping stations, dredgers, electric pumping units; more details


➡️ Non-standard gummed containers, bins, flow distributors, trays. more details

Нестандартное оборудование
Трубопроводы eff.Pipe
Конвейерные ролики
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